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Asheville Business & Commercial Litigation Attorneys

A dispute may arise between a North Carolina business owner and independent contractor based on the interpretation of a contract provision. A conversation with a neighbor about sharing costs to trim trees may spark a disagreement over the location of a boundary line. Questions of undue influence are common if the will of a loved one leaves valuable assets to a recently hired caretaker rather than to family members.

In any of these situations, civil litigation and a trial may be necessary. The attorneys at Patla, Straus, Robinson & Moore, P.A. are tough litigators dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcomes. In any litigation, experience matters. The litigation attorneys at Patla, Straus, Robinson & Moore, P.A. have a minimum of 10 years and as much as 30 years of experience handling cases in the courts of Western North Carolina.

Seasoned North Carolina Trial Attorneys

When a case heads toward trial, candid counsel on possible results and costs is important. Initiating or defending against a court case may also take a long time. However, when large sums are at stake and the other party refuses to negotiate, the courts provide a remedy.

Our firm’s attorneys provide legal counsel in the following areas:

  • Business law cases related to contracts, employment matters or tax issues
  • Property disputes arising over boundary lines, title issues, or disputes between unit owners or the homeowners association
  • Lien enforcement and debt collection for contractors and businesses
  • Will contests and other estate law issues such as breach of fiduciary duty
  • Personal injury claims following a western North Carolina accident

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